Fortbytes are new type of collectible in Season 9 and many of them task players with seeking out a specific in-game location. Number 55 is located at Haunted Hills and we’ve got some help for you if you are struggling to find it.

Fortbyte challenges seem to come in every shape and size. The XP achievements and Tier completions don’t warrant guides, but we know that players will want some help with the location based Fortbytes.

As such, we’ve been creating guides for each challenge as they release. You can see a full list of all Fortbytes in our hub article. In the list, you will find hyperlinks to other guides on location based Fortbyte challenges.

Fortbyte #55 Haunted Hills Location

In order to Fortbyte number 55, you will need to head to Haunted Hills as the clue suggests.

Once there, you will want to get into the building to the north of the big church. This building contains three rooms along with a small area underneath the floor.

Simply walk into the building through the arched doorway and walk through the rooms. You will find the Fortbyte located in the third room’s corner.

There is no special requirement for picking up the Fortbyte. This will unlock the 55th piece of the Fortbyte image in the challenge menu. Below, you will find a video that shows the location of the Fortbyte.

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