Each day there is a new Fortbye that becomes available for players to locate and collect via location-based challenges.

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 includes the Battle Pass-exclusive “Fortbyte” collectibles which can be collected to decrypt the huge image rumored to drop hints towards Season 10.

June 8’s Fortbyte has players headed to Peely’s Banana Stand in Neo Tilted in order to locate byte 51.

Fortbyte #51 location

In order to unlock Fortbyte #51, players will need to have unlocked Battle Pass level 31 which rewards players with the Cluck Strut emote.

If players have the emote unlocked, they can then head to Neo Tilted in order to locate the byte.

IMG: InTheLittleWood

The byte will be sitting on the crosswalk outside of Peely’s Banana stand.

Once players use the emote in front of the byte, it will become available for players to collect.

If fans are still having difficulty locating the byte, check out the walkthrough video below by InTheLittleWood:

What do you think the Fortbyte image is hinting at?

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