Fortbyte #32 tasks player with finding yet another unique location in Fortnite. Here’s a guide to help you get the task done quickly and without a sweat.

Fortbytes are released daily by Epic Games and each one has differing requirements for unlocks. Some includes Battle Pass items, XP caps, and more.

We’ve been creating guides for each challenge throughout the season and will continue to do so until the last one is released. The ultimate goal of unlocking all Fortbytes is to reveal the hidden Fortbyte image.

Fortbyte #32 Location

Number 32 isn’t too hard to find as it is out in the open instead of inside a maze-like building. Still, having a guide never hurts.

Before anything else, you will need to equip the Kyo Back Bling which is unlocked at Battle Pass tier 28. Only premium Battle Pass owners can unlock Fortbytes!

Once you’ve got the back bling ready to go, hop into a match of Team Rumble.

The northern most point on the Fortnite map is located due east of Junk Junction. This quadrant of the map as been popular with Fortbytes lately.

Fortbyte #32 Location

Fortbytes can be seen from a distance, so you’ll spot it easily once you are hovering above this spot. The Fortbyte located next to the ‘North’ sign.

Northern-most point in Fortnite!

If you are looking for guides on other Fortbyte challenges, we suggest visiting our hub article which contains guides on all Fortbytes. Check back daily for a new guide on the latest Fortbytes!

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