Fortbyte offer players with a variety of challenges in Season 9. A new challenge is released each day and leads players to a new location to pick up the day’s Fortbyte.

Epic Game’s added Fortbyte in Season 9 to give players who buy the Battle Pass an additional layer of content. As players complete these challenges, they will unlock small parts of a larger image for their efforts.

The challenges released daily vary slightly, but they all essentially involve the player using a hint to find a location. Here’s a guide on the latest Fortbyte to drop in Season 9:

Fortbyte #08 Location

The newest Fortbyte is nothing special and you will be to quickly find and receive this item. The Fortbyte is located at Junk Junction in the northwestern part of the map.

We recommend hopping into Team Rumble to complete this and other challenges for maximum chance of success. You can respawn in this mode if need be.

Fortbyte #08 Location

Now, for the beginner, the map above may provide some help, but most of you will know where to find Junk Junction on your own.

For the pinpoint location of the Fortbyte, here’s a picture from Junk Junction:

Fortbyte #08

You will find the Fortbyte sitting on the makeshift bed of wooden pallets and a mattress in the main building at Junk Junction.

For more guides and complete list of all Fortbytes in Season 9, updated daily, head to our hub article on the subject.

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