Unlocking Fortbytes requires players to venture to a specific point on the map and pick up a computer chip-like item. A new one is released daily by Epic.

Fortbytes have been quite well received by the Fortnite community from what we’ve seen on the FortniteBR subreddit. They give players a little something extra to do while playing their favorite game.

The newest is another that will require players to be a certain Battle Pass Tier before they can complete the Fortbyte challenge.

Fortbyte #07 Location

Fortbyte number 07 states that it can found by using the ‘Cuddle Up’ emoticon inside a rocky umbrella.

The emoticon can be unlocked by Battle Pass owners at Tier 8, so most of you will already have the cosmetic ready to go.

The rocky umbrella in question has been a long time part of the Fortnite map and has been used in dozens of challenges throughout the seasons. You can see the location on the map below:

Fortbyte #07 location

You will need to head down into the ‘mine’ of the rocky umbrella. Once there, you don’t need to go in the tunnel/cave. Rather, you will find the Fortbyte on top of the wooden support structure down in the ditch.

Simply use the Cuddle Up emoticon near the Fortbyte and the Fortbyte will unlock. You can then pick up the item and be done with the challenge.

We’ve a made short video of the exact location for those that prefer a more visual approach to our guides.

If you are looking for a complete list of the all Fortbyte challenges and more guides for those challenges, you can head to our hub article on the subject.

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