Everyone who has played a lot of competitive games has had to have this conversation, here’s how you can make it easier.

Video games have changed a lot over the years. Now, instead of destroying your friends who are bad at games, you often have to play with them against others.

Often this is a bonding experience and a chance to connect with your friends against shared enemies.

In fact, Fortnite had an amazing way to bring people together over the game. But with the addition of Arena Mode, suddenly playing with friends became a bit more complicated.

If you care about your rank, backpacking your friends can become tedious and frustrating. You can see your rank sliding back down which can cause issues.

Suddenly the people who you played Fortnite with for over a year, can’t cut it at your Arena rank.

You can play pubs together of course, but it can be tough to communicate to a long time playing friend that you want to grind Arena right now and can’t accept their invite.

So until Epic adds a way to appear offline, friends will keep spamming invites and tough conversations will need to be had.

Just do this Epic:

The 1 thing that would make me love Season 9…. from r/FortNiteBR

How to tell your friends they just aren’t that good

One of the biggest problems with telling people they aren’t good at a game, is that most people think they are better than they really are.

A lot of people will get the hint, or even just get straight up frustrated playing in Arena ranks higher than their skill level, but others will blame everything on someone else.

In this case, honesty can be the best method. Offer constructive criticism to them and go off their reaction. If they immediately blame you for a mistake, it may be time to cut ties with playing with them in competitive.

If you genuinely care about them as a friend or if they are someone you see often, here are a couple of ways to avoid having to just straight up let them know they are bad.

“Sorry, I’m trying to rank up right now and we don’t play very well together.”

“I’m tired so my call outs are weak, let’s play another time.”

“My mic isn’t working well so I’m going to stick to solos.”

“Sorry mate, we always lose when we play together.”

Alternatively, you can just go full scorched earth.

“You’re Fortnite skills belong in the dumpster. You couldn’t hit a head shot even if everybody looked like Jimmy Neutron.”

Make sure you send them this picture for reference

“Git gud. I should just buy a revive van considering its the only place I ever go when I play with you.”

“We’ve been playing this game for over a year and somehow you still need to look at your controller when you build.”

“No, for the love of all that is holy, I will not hot-drop with you and die before the bus has crossed the island.”

It is important to remember that Fortnite Battle Royale is a game and not something to lose friendships over.

Your friends are more important than your arena rank, but sometimes you really want to run competitive at that time and conversations like might need to happen.

Or Epic could just finally add a mode to appear offline and solve all those issues.

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