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How to tame animals in Fortnite Season 6

Wolves, Boars, and Chickens are new, tameable animals in Fortnite Season 6. Here’s how to tame them and bring them to your side.



Fortnite Season 6 Wolves

Fortnite Season 6 introduced crafting and wildlife to Fortnite. You can put the two together to tame animals that will fight by your side. Here’s how.

Wildlife is among the new additions to Fortnite Season 6. They seem to have replaced NPC enemies like Marauders and IO Guards, and that’s a good thing for all players.

The animals of the island play into the new crafting system. You can eliminate them for bones and meat, but you can also tame them and get them to fight by your side.

Here’s how to tame Boars, Wolves, and Chickens in Fortnite Season 6.

How to tame a Boar, Wolf & Raptor

Fortnite taming guide

Taming Wolves, Raptors, and Boars are very similar. You’ll need to find them, and then feed one to bring it to your side.

Keep in mind that these animals spawn in different numbers. Boars spawn alone, but Raptors spwn in twos and Wolves spawn in packs. You might tame one of them, but its friends will still want to kill you.

  1. Grab Fruit for a boar or Meat for a wolf or Raptor
  2. Throw the food at the ground
  3. Allow the Wolf/Boar to eat
  4. Walk up and hold interact to complete the taming process

Crafting a Hunter’s Cloak will make this process a bit easier, as it allows you to sneak up on wildlife without aggravating the animals. To do this, you’ll need two bones and a piece of meat. You can get these materials off of a dead Boar, Wolf, or Chicken.

How to tame a Chicken


As silly as they look, Chickens might be the most useful animal currently in Fortnite. They won’t deal any damage to your opponents, but you can use them in combination with a Spire blast or Shockwave Grenade to rotate to the zone.

Here’s how to tame a Chicken in Fortnite Season 6:

  • Find a Chicken
  • Catch up to the Chicken as it runs away
  • Press Interact to carry the Chicken over your head
  • Jump to have a similar effect to the Balloon in past seasons

We’ve seen some amazing rotation strategies with the Chicken, as they allow you to glide through the air – just like Balloons did in past Fortnite seasons. If you’re only going for one animal to tame, the Chicken would be our pick.

Where to find animals in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite wildlife locations

Animals spawn all over the map, but there is a higher concentration of them to the center and north of the island.

Frogs also spawn along the rivers, but you can’t tame them. You’ll only want to eliminate Frogs for Bones and Stick Sacks that allow you to craft the Stink Bomb Bow.

With rumors of Raptors coming to the game, we’re sure to be seeing some additional wildlife enter Fortnite as Season 6 goes on. We’ll update this article when more tameable creatures hit Fortnite.

Image Credit: Epic Games, Fortnite.GG


Where to find the Plasma Cannon in Fortnite Season 7

The new Plasma Cannon in Fortnite is a deadly energy pistol. Here is where players can find one for themselves to wreak mass destruction.



fortnite plasma cannon guide

A new weapon proves to be the deadliest addition to the Battle Royale yet. Here is where players can find the Plasma Cannon in Fortnite Season 7.

Season 7 has been a battle between The IO and Alien invaders. And as expected, both sides brought high-tech weaponry to the battlefield. The IO introduced Recon Scanners and Rail Guns, while aliens have their Ray Guns and Saucers.

Over the course of the season, The IO has developed new tech to ward off the aliens. The Inflate-a-Bull turns players into cows, and an upcoming gravity weapon throws heavy objects. But the latest addition is a Plasma Cannon in Fortnite.

Fortnite Plasma Cannon Locations

The Plasma Cannon is a new pistol, but it packs a lot more punch than the normal sidearms. Instead of bullets, the Plasma Cannon in Fortnite shoots massive slow-moving energy balls that zap nearby objects and players. It only has a magazine of five shots, and it can’t be reloaded with any bullet type.

As for damage, it can be a quick way to melt away your opponents’ health. The Plasma Cannon generated a dome around it. Anything inside the dome will be zapped for 33 damage and will be impulses away. If a player manages to stay inside the dome, they will continually take 33 points of damage every zap. It’s also very important to note that builds stand no chance against the energy balls. Any wall, floor, cone, or ramp that the energy ball touches basically disappears on impact.

While the Plasma Cannon in Fortnite is incredibly strong, it isn’t a Mythic or Exotic weapon. This means players can find it inside of IO Chests and regular chests. It has a higher chance to drop from IO Chests which are commonly found at different satellite stations. It can also be crafted by combining a Legendary Pistol with Alien Nanites.

Fortnite plasma cannon in game

While technically the Plasma Cannon can only shoot one energy ball at a time, a player can have multiple in their inventory. If a player cycles through their Plasma Cannons, they can shoot multiple balls at a time. This could make for an extremely deadly situation for whoever is on the receiving end.

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How to win at Fortnite in 2021

Here’s how to win Fortnite in 2021. While the game may seem more challening than ever, these tips will help you secure a dub.



how to win fortnite victory royale

Even if a lobby is filled to the brim with sweaty Renegade Raiders, this guide will teach you how to win Fortnite matches.

It’s 2021, Fortnite has been around for a few years, and the barrier to entry seems higher than ever. Anyone who is remotely good at the game is called a “sweat”, and those who can’t crack 90’s are better left on the Battle Bus. If you’ve never dropped into a round of Fortnite before, you might as well not even try, right?

Wrong! Fortnite’s skill ceiling is pretty intimidating, but you don’t need fancy building tricks to pull off a dub. This guide will give new and stagnant players the tops they need to learn how to win Fortnite. These tried and true techniques will help players survive until the end game, and maybe even pull out a Victory Royale.

Run, Hide, and Stay out of sight to win Fortnite

For inexperienced players, the worst thing you can do is get into a scuffle. Fights are bad news for a couple of reasons. The first is that you never know your opponent’s skill level until the battle has begun. And once you start a fight, it’s pretty difficult to run away.

Secondly, once shots are fired, they alert other players to your location. This means even if you manage to win a fight, nearby skilled players will come to hunt you down. It’s better to let other players kill one another before engaging. But how do you avoid these encounters?

First off, fly as far away from the Battle Bus as possible. You can see the path the bus will take before the game begins, so plan to go somewhere farther away from the bus’s flight path. Every POI and most landmarks will have decent loot to start, so even if you fly far away you can still get some good gear.

Fortnite bush camping
Bushes are an inexperienced player’s best friend

Depending on where you land, you may have to travel a great distance to get out of the storm. Vehicles are great for rotating, but they also make a lot of noise. Don’t spend too long in one place, and remember, bushes are your new best friend. These guys will keep you hidden from enemies, and also help inexperienced players get the jump on passersby.

Grey and Green isn’t going to win round of Fortnite

That’s right. You can’t expect to win the last dance if all of your equipment is grey or green. Common and Uncommon weapons deal the least amount of damage, and if you’re playing it safe, these might be the only rarities you come by.

However, there are chests scattered all over the map, even outside of POIs and landmarks. Loot every chest you see for the best shot at getting better weapons. It may seem trivial to get a weapon that does one extra damage per shot, but that one shot can make a huge difference.

Building just a little can help win Fortnite

You don’t have to know how to build like a contractor in order to know how to win Fortnite. In fact, you just need to know the bare-bones basics to protect yourself from getting shot. Just throwing up a wall when shots are fired is 100% better than standing out in the open.

You should start by practicing placing a wall and a ramp. The wall will protect you and the ramp from taking damage. The ramp will give you multiple angles you can shoot from, while also protecting you from incoming fire. This simple building technique just might be enough to pull off a coveted win.

Fortnite panic ramp
The “Panic Ramp” is a great building technique for beginners.

Your building will get better over time and with practice, but starting with the basics is a huge deal. A wall can mean the difference between life and death – victory and defeat.

Winning Fortnite in the End Game

The End Game refers to the final 10 players left in the lobby. The total number of players drops pretty quickly to around this number. If you’ve followed the steps provided, you should make it to the top 10 pretty often. However, closing is a different story.

Since the circle is now getting to a fairly small size, the places you can hide start to disappear and it’s harder to stay out of sight. Bushes are always an option, and building small forts can help too. However, building gives away your location so be ready for a fight.

You need to wait until you are in the top 3. If you can make it this far, you have a solid chance of winning. Wait for your two opponents to start attacking one another, and learn their locations. End Game fights are intense and can last a long time, so be patient. Once one of them is eliminated, attack the survivor. They should have low health and won’t be prepared for another fight so soon. With the right timing and enough luck, you might just have learned how to win Fortnite.

It’s not always about winning

fortnite cow fun
Don’t sweat the losses, just have fun!

Winning a round of Fortnite is one of the most rewarding feelings in video games. But, your sole focus shouldn’t be on securing the dub. Sure, it’s nice to win, but Fortnite offers much more than a flashy victory screen.

Learn to have fun in every round you play. Go fishing on a shoreline and let the storm tick away your health as you reel in those fish. Race your friends around the island, or take Ferraris off sick jumps. Discover new locations you’ve never been to before. There’s so much more to Fortnite, and learning how to win is just one facet of the game.

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Where to find and defeat Riot in Fortnite Season 7

This guide will help players find and defeat Riot in Fortnite to complete their Season 7 Week 7 challenges.



fortnite defeat riot locations

One of the Fortnite Season 7 Week 7 challenges requires players to find and defeat Riot in Fortnite.

There are a bunch of NPCs scattered around the map, and each has its own uses. Some sell players weapons, other aid them in battle, and some can even be hired to be the player’s bodyguard.

However, there are some NPCs that are pretty nasty to deal with. These NPCs will fire at a player on sight but offer some nice weaponry in return. Riot is one of these NPCs, although his gear isn’t as flashy as Dr. Slone’s or Zyg and Choppy’s. Nonetheless, here is where players can find and defeat Riot in Fortnite.

fortnite yellow steel bridge

Where to find and defeat Riot

Riot is a rowdy rock ‘n roll NPC located on the west side of the Yellow Steel Bridge. This bridge is located between Misty Meadow and Catty Corner. Players have likely visited this bridge numerous times in past seasons as it has been the focal point of many weekly challenges.

Players will want to make sure they have a weapon before going toe to toe with Riot. They might also want to stock up on some building materials. Hostile NPCs usually have a pretty deadly aim, and their weapons are Epic rarity or greater. As well, NPCs have more health than players do which can make them a little tougher to take down.

fortnite season 7 riot location

Once Riot is eliminated the challenge will be complete. Players will be rewarded with a whopping 30k experience points which should get them one step closer to completing the Battle Pass or earning more season rewards.

Make sure to check out the full list of all of the Fortnite Season 7 weekly challenges. Players will want to complete them before the season’s end to ensure they grab up all of this season’s rewards.

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