Want to know how the Fortnite Sidegrading weapon system works? Take a look at our guide.

Fortnite v11.40 brought back the Heavy AR and created the Sidegrading feature. Now, you can trade-in a weapon for another of the same class. If you prefer the Tac over the Pump, for instance, you can trade it in at an Upgrade Bench.


Epic also lowered the number of materials it takes to upgrade a weapon, which was a much-needed change. Upgrade Benches were going unused in most matches, as players preferred to have materials rather than a weapon of higher rarity.

To Sidegrade a weapon, all you have to do is find an Upgrade Bench and choose the ‘Sidegrade’ option. It’s as simple as that.

It’s relatively cheap to Sidegrade weapons in Fortnite. All you need is 20 of each material, so you can cycle through the options if you like.

This is a fantastic new feature for players. Everyone has their preferred loadout and being able to switch to the gun you want at an Upgrade Station drastically reduces the RNG of Fortnite.

For instance, if you have a Heavy AR and want a normal AR, you can switch to one at an Upgrade Bench. This should make you a bit more comfortable with your next engagement.

The reduced cost of upgrading is also a huge plus. A lot more players will be running around with Purple and Gold Pump Shotguns. We’ll have to wait and see how popular Upgrade Stations will be in competitive Fortnite, though, where a high material count is still king.

The Heavy AR is a beast, so most players are going to want to get their hands on it early. The Upgrade Benches might be your best bet if you can’t secure a kill on an AK-wielding opponent.

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