This method of getting a Supply Drop to fall from the sky as quickly as possible can actually be very helpful, especially in the endgame.

Junk Rifts have been controversial since they released in Season X, but they have plenty of uses outside of just going for eliminations.

These rifts have the power to send an object crashing through any build with little ease, but they can also be used to shoot down a Supply Drop.

Junk Rifts can get Supply Drops down fast.

All you’ll have to do is time your Junk Rift with the drop, and since we actually see where the drop will land, it’s pretty easy to do. If you need some help figuring it out, this video has you covered.

Reddit user Sydehavok showed how to do this. First, they started off throwing a bubble shield down to offer protection. Then, the Junk Rift was thrown right on top of the smoke signal which caused the object to break the balloon and send the Supply Drop crashing to the ground.

This method is actually pretty good since it doesn’t draw attention to your location immediately by shooting your gun up at the balloon. This also cuts back on having to wait a while for the drop to actually hit the ground naturally.

The problem this does create though is you’ll have to waste a Junk Rift, which could have the chance to be detrimental as this is a strong item in any scenario of the game.

However, Supply Drops usually hold several good items so it might be a good tradeoff. Try it out the next time you have a Junk Rift and let us know how it went.

One thing’s for sure, there definitely isn’t a quicker way to get a drop than this unless you’re directly under one with a sky base or something.

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