The Plastic Patroller skin went through some changes in August, and Epic Games offered Fortnite players who had purchased the skin a free refund, but time is running out if you hope to get your V-Bucks back.

The skin, which used to look like a childhood favorite toy soldier, was completely changed in August after a mass of complaints about it giving players a competitive advantage when items should be purely cosmetic.

It is no longer the same as the old skin and barely looks like what most people were attracted to in the first place, as it’s now covered with mud and wear and tear. Luckily, the skin can be refunded for a limited time and here’s how.

The new Plastic Patroller features a lot more wear and tear. Credit – Epic Games.

How to refund the Plastic Patroller skin

Refunding the Plastic Patroller skin is just as easy as any other refund. Head into Fortnite and go to your settings, then scroll all the way down to ‘Account.’

From there you’ll see ‘Lifetime Refund Requests’ just under ‘Content.’ Click on ‘Submit a Request’ and find the Plastic Patroller skin, click on it and submit the refund request. Don’t worry, it’s a free refund from Epic, so you won’t lose any refund tokens.

The old Plastic Patroller skin gave players some extra camouflage. Credit – Reddit Camicam95

How long do I have to refund Plastic Patroller?

The skin was changed on August 14 with the release of version 10.10 and Epic Games gave players 31 days from their first login since then to refund the skin. This means that players who played on the day of the patch have until September 14 to claim their refund.

This deadline is just around the corner for most active players, so don’t forget to claim your refund before its too late.

Are you planning to refund the Plastic Patroller? Which version of the skin do you prefer? Let us know below!