YouTube and Epic Games have collaborated again to offer free Fortnite Batman cosmetics through YouTube drops.

Fortnite players were first introduced to YouTube Drops during the Fortnite World Cup in July where players could watch the event live on YouTube to earn in-game rewards.

Viewers from the Fortnite World Cup were awarded the Game Jam Spray, World Cup Spray, and Red Line Weapon Wrap.

Fortnite YouTube drops are only available by watching specific content on Fortnite that has drops enabled, and the cosmetics within the drops will never be available again.

Epic Games have paired up with YouTube again to offer drops for special Batman Fortnite cosmetics.

Fans who tuned in to the live-stream to collect their YouTube Drop began to report that their Batman Homebase Banner was not unlocking.

On September 25, Epic made the decision to reward all players with the Uncommon Homebase Banner with the v10.40 update. The banner can be seen below thanks to FortniteInsider.

IMG: FortniteInsider

Once players load into Fortnite after they download the v10.40 patch, the Uncommon Homebase Banner will be placed into their locker.

With Fortnite’s tenth season coming to a close, we hope Epic include more YouTube drops in Season 11.

What crossover event do you think would work well with YouTube drops? Would you like to see Epic work with another comic series?

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