Players are always looking for ways to get around the Fortnite: Battle Royale map in a quicker fashion.

After appearing in Fortnite following a recent patch, ‘Bunny Hopping’ allows players to ‘propel’ themselves across the map with perfectly-timed jumps.

The method requires ‘forward momentum’ that can be activated by items such as Shockwave Grenades, Launch Pads, Runes, and more, along with getting the hang of jumping right after hitting the ground.

Bunny hopping, if timed correctly, can be a major factor in ‘rotating’ around the Fortnite map in order to beat other players or teams to a certain location, or evade the Storm.

YouTuber and Redditor MarcosGonzalezTV has created a detailed video which shows all of the best uses for Bunny Hopping, and provides some much-needed pointers on the trick.

It should be noted that it is unknown at the time of writing whether or not the Bunny Hop was intentionally added by Epic Games, or if it will be removed in a future patch.

The full video can be viewed below.

SOURCE: MarcosGonzalezTV

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  1. Of course it’s unintentional.. Any form of skill based advantage would never be added intentionally by Epic Games. We all know this by now.

  2. I love how in the video he thinks console players cant spam jump as fast as PC players… Are all of you PC players this fuckin dense?

    • Console players dont have a scroll wheel to spam do they? Didn’t think so. Also, explain what dense means and how it applies to this situation, because it really doesn’t.


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