Fortnite players have been able to experience a lot of different things in the hours they have played, but nothing quite like this. 

A collaboration between YouTuber’s BluDrive and Tollmolia, this ingenious level features a bunch of cool secrets.

The map has five unique worlds that range from a museum to a disco. There are 15 holes total for players to explore and ten coins scattered around the map that players can collect for an added challenge.

The game works by using the golf toy from the Season 5 Battlepass which lets you use a pickaxe to hit a golf ball.

If you didn’t buy the S5 Battlepass you currently can’t play the mode but Bludrive says they are talking with Epic to get around this issue and have everyone be able to play.

Here’s the video of the course from BluDrive’s channel:

This is one of the most polished minigames we have seen created in Fortnite.

The level design is really smart and no hole feels like it was phoned in. They all do something unique and special which makes playing through the course a lot of fun.

It’s not a super serious golf experience but the control of the ball is actually pretty solid and the level design does well to consider what the limitations of the controls are.

To check out this map use the island code: 6297-1471-3952.

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