Fortnite fans who frequent the location that used to be Greasy Grove know there is a chest frustratingly frozen under a mound of ice, which seems impossible to get at. A clever Reddit user has finally found a way though, and here’s how you can get your hands on the loot.

Greasy Grove was submerged under water following the flooding that came from the waterfall in Viking Village back in Season 7, only to be frozen over upon entrance of the iceberg — creating the Frozen Lake.

Located southwest of Tilted Town, the landscape is now covered entirely by ice, creating a glacier-esque feel for the formerly popular POI.

Greasy Gtove is now covered in ice, but you can still get your hands on some chests. Credit: Epic Games

More recently, a Rift Beacon has been spotted on top of Frozen Lake, suggesting that imminent map changes are inbound, and further hinting at the possible return of a thawed-out Greasy Grove. 

Nonetheless, an eagle-eyed fan that goes by the alias ‘Doughboy_Luke’ has detailed exactly how to access loot from the frozen chest buried beneath Frozen Lake. 

Making savvy use of an in-game exploit whereby players can break the floor beneath the chest to free the chest’s contest, Doughboy_begins by saying: “I wonder if we can break the chest, now that you can break the floor?”

He then proceeds to destroy the floor below the chest (through the sheet of ice), to uncover the loot within the chest — all shown in his post on the Fortnite Competitive subreddit.

You can open the frozen chest at Greasy by breaking the floor from r/FortniteCompetitive

Whether this is an in-game mechanic that Epic accounted for is yet to be discovered, but with its previous restricted access, the frozen chest could become a new spot for players to turn to when in need of loot. 

What are your thoughts? Is there some hidden meaning behind this new exploit, given Epic’s previous attention to detail? Or could this just be a bug before the Rift Beacons make map-altering changes to the surrounding infrastructure?