In the world of Fortnite, players have to take any advantage they can get and that includes creating an invincible floor trap.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has had its share of bugs and yet another one has reared its ugly head and this one allows players to create an unbreakable trap.


It’s a pretty easy one to pull off, which makes it even worse. One negative this bug does have is it’s going to be something that’s very situational as players don’t get eliminated by floor traps very often.

Fortnite traps can become invincible.

That doesn’t mean it won’t have its uses as a sneaky floor trap can still catch a player off guard.

YouTuber OrangeGuy showed how to pull off the play and all you’ll have to do is place the trap and switch to the floor edit instantaneously which will make the trap unbreakable.

You can see this play pulled off around the 17-second mark, but that’s not the only thing the video shows.

There’s also a trick players can pull off using the boat that would allow them to expand their inventory from the usual five slots to six. The sixth item would be hidden so you’ll have to make sure you don’t forget it’s there.

On top of that, the video shows two ways players can completely avoid fall damage. The first would be jumping from a zipline into the water and that makes your next drop that would cause fall damage to be negated.

Players can easily avoid fall damage with this bug.

The second way would be to begin building up from inside of a bush, where any fall damage you sustain from that would be reduced to zero.

These all appear to be bugs, but none are too terribly game-breaking and they could eventually be ironed out by Epic Games in the near future.

It seems like the developers have gone back to giving patch notes with each update, so if they are fixed then we would find out about them with the next patch.

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