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How to make an explosive drone in Fortnite

This Fortnite exploit allows you to make Proximity Mines hover in the air.



Fortnite exploits run the gamut of being incredibly overpowered to meme-worthy. There will always be exploits in a complex game like Fortnite, and this one falls into the latter category.

We first saw this exploit on display from trickshotter FaZe Mew. He used the floating Proximity Mine/C4 exploit to hit another in a long line of insane shots. It’s too bad that it only resulted in a hitmarker.

Reddit user u/Slushyguy posted a brief tutorial on how to make these items fly. All you have to do is throw them at a wall, edit the wall, then destroy the wall. From there, the explosives will fly on their own.

It appears as though you can change the direction of these explosives with additional building pieces. At least, you can make them go higher into the air with ramps.

This is an interesting exploit, but will probably get more attention in the trickshotting community. We’d love to see someone get a kill with this roaming mine, though. At least, it’s something that will keep you busy while we wait another two weeks for Chapter 2 Season 3.

Patch Notes

Fortnite v13.30: what to expect

Fortnite v13.30 is likely headed to Fortnite on July 14. Here’s what to expect.



We haven’t had a Fortnite patch in a couple of weeks, but Epic seem to have brought us back to the frequent additions that we saw back in Chapter 1. If this is true, then we can expect a patch on July 14 – barring any delays.

We’re writing this before the patch was announced, but it’s still our best guess. Obviously, we’ll update this post if our prediction ends up being incorrect. Either way, here’s what we’re expecting out of the v13.30 patch.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are nearly a weekly occurrence in Fortnite. New patches bring new bugs with them, as players discover the ever-evolving landscape of issues within the game. There seem to be more bugs than ever in Fortnite, right now, but almost all of them are listed as “investigating” on the Fortnite Community Issues Trello Board.

This designation means that these bugs are likely at least one or two weeks away from getting fixed. Right now, the only bugs listed as “Fixed in Next Game Update” are for the Save the World version of the game. Hopefully, with an update imminent, this won’t be the case.

Water Level

We’ll likely see the water level go down, yet again, when the update is introduced. Recently, we learned that cars were set to enter Fortnite on July 21. If Epic want the roads to be clear, then we’re going to need a weekly lowering of the water levels.

Data miners have stated that the water levels will lower, again, on July 18 at 3 AM EST. We may see some leaks with this new patch, that point to how the map will look when the water levels go down. This should be the last recession before cars are added – if they come to Fortnite on schedule.

Dragon Shotgun

One thing that we probably won’t see in this patch is the Dragon Shotgun. We heard about this new weapon coming to Fortnite a couple of weeks ago, but it still seemed far away from getting released.

A new shotgun would be awesome to play with, but we’re not expecting to see it for another update or two. Still, it’s worth mentioning, as it is a possibility that it comes in v13.30.

As always, we’ll have you covered with everything you need to know when v13.30 goes live. We’ll have the leaks, patch notes, and any information that slips through the cracks. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL to stay up-to-date with all of the latest Fortnite news.

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What’s the fastest way to get around the map in Fortnite Season 3

What’s the fastest way to get around in Season 3 Arena Modes? Find out the statistical breakdown, here.



Fortnite Season 3 has, by far, added the most mobility into the game since Chapter 2 began. We now have Motorboats, Choppas, Whirlpools, Sharks, Hot Peppers. Launch Pads, and Mythic weapons that allow you to move faster.

Since this is the case, players may wonder which method of transportation is the fastest. They also tend to wonder if they’ll be able to loot that house of farm up on their way to zone, or if they should keep running to avoid the storm.

One Fortnite player ran the numbers on some of the most common forms of transportation in Fortnite and discovered the best way to run from the storm.

Helicopters are the most noteworthy omission, here, as they aren’t available in competitive modes – and likely won’t ever be back without a heavy nerf. Sharks are also off of the list, but they appear to have the same mechanics as Motorboats in the water. Here’s what u/SymboleX found with his testing.

  • Running: 18s/100m
  • Swimming: 10s/100m
  • Boat: 5s/100m
  • Gliding: 5s/100m NOTE: Pepper does not change gliding speed.
  • Running with Pepper: 13s/100m
  • Swimming with Pepper: 7.5s/100m

Gliding is, predictably, the best way to get around the map. Not only is it tied with boats as the quickest way to reach 100 meters, you don’t need to be bound to water and can often launch yourself over certain structures, ensuring that you’re always headed in a straight line.

Peppers are also extremely effective, and are worth carrying in Trios Arena. They may clog your inventory too much in solos, but they’re one of the best consumables in the game, right now.

Hopefully, this statistical breakdown will give you enough information to estimate whether or not you can spend some time looting or if you’ll have to drop everything and run. Unless Epic add Helicopters to Arena, this looks to be the complete list of mobility for competitive modes in Fortnite Season 3.

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OrangeGuy finally cracks the code on Fortnite’s instant revive exploit

YouTuber, OrangeGuy, has finally figured out how to trigger the instant revive glitch in Fortnite.



Avid followers of all things Fortnite are undoubtedly aware of the strange and elusive glitch that allows players to instantly revive their downed teammates. We covered this glitch a week ago and included several clips of the method as an attempt to gain some clues.

Everyone had a theory as to what caused this glitch, but no one knew for sure. When we tweeted our article, we tagged the best known Fortnite exploit specialist on the internet, YouTuber OrangeGuy, to see if he knew anything. To our surprise, he replied and said that he thought it was a random glitch that couldn’t be repeated.

That was a week ago and since that post, OrangeGuy has been in the lab trying to find out how this thing works. It seems to have something to do with timing and making the ‘revive’ indicator disappear right when you hit it.

As some players theoriezed, the glitch works better with a pet back bling but seems to be possible without it. This could be because the ‘pet’ and ‘revive’ buttons are the same (at least, on a controller). These multiple inputs for the same button heighten your chances of triggering the glitch.

As you can see in OrangeGuy’s video, the exploit takes perfect timing and a ton of practice to pull off. Even after hours of trying to trigger it, OrangeGuy couldn’t always get the instant revive on the first attempt.

Is it worth it to practice this glitch over and over again? Probably not. It seems far too random to be able to trigger it on a regular basis. It’s worth looking at the steps and positioning yourself to be able to do the glitch, but it won’t be worth trying several times when you could be reviving your teammate – especially in a high-pressure scenario.

The one tip that we can give relates to the back bling. The glitch seems to trigger more frequently with a pet on your back, so you could wear one in the hopes that you accidentally cause an exploit. It’s not easy, but now we know what causes it.

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