Fortnite Battle Royale’s Shield Bubble isn’t designed to move around the map with you, but an ingenious player has found a way to stick one onto your character – without the help of any teammates.

The Shield Bubble item was originally added to Fortnite back in the v10.20 update, and when thrown down creates a protective dome around your character that keeps out projectiles and explosives for 30 seconds. 

Clever fans have found ways to create a moving version of this item before, but it’s always required the help of a teammate to make it work – that is, until now.

The Shield Bubble protects players from projectiles and explosives. Credit: Epic Games

By using one of the game’s core mechanics, Fortnite players can force a Shield Bubble to drop onto their own character’s hitbox, with the need to find a teammate willing to aid you in your quest. 

As shown by Reddit user /u/PengwinnerD3, by building and editing structures, you can force the Shield Bubble to drop off of a building piece by removing the tile it sits on, and then grabbing it yourself as it falls to the ground.

Strat: Sticking a Shield Bubble to yourself (solo) from r/FortNiteBR

You will need to have found a Bush item beforehand to pull this off, as the Shield Bubble requires the item to stick to, due to the item not sticking to character models by default.

This handy tip could be extremely useful to practice and master though, especially in late game scenarios where you may find yourself forced to move out of cover due to the storm. While the bubble won’t protect you from storm damage, it does mean that players can’t use RPGs, Grenade Launchers or other projectile items to harm you, giving you one less thing to worry about as you rotate. 

Whether Epic Games will ever address this trick remains to be seen, but with the developers failing to alter it when the sneaky technique was originally discovered by players working together, it’s possible we may see it remain in the game.