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How to get the new Hulk Smasher Pickaxe in Fortnite

Epic is adding a unique Hulk Smasher pickaxe with the Hulkbuster style to players who complete these challenges in the Marvel’s Avengers video game.



Epic Games have been the kings of crossover events since the ramping-up of Fortnite two years ago. We’ve seen several Marvel and DC characters come to the game along with others from popular film franchises, TV shows, and even real life.

The past two seasons of Fortnite have focused on adding superheroes to the game. Deadpool and Aquaman have been the two “secret” skins, and Epic released an official Captain America outfit for the Fourth of July.

Epic is back at it again with another Marvel crossover – this time, promoting the new Marvel’s Avengers video game that is set to officially release in September. Those who play during the many closed and open betas will be able to complete HARM challenges to unlock the new Hulk Smasher Pickaxe with Hulkbuster style.

There will be a few different phases of the beta and they’ll all be exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One. PC players will need to log onto a console if they want to receive their free reward. According to the Epic Games website, the beta schedule is as follows:

  • August 7-9: PlayStation 4 Pre-Order Beta
    • Marvel Avengers PlayStation 4 pre-order players only
  • August 14-16: PlayStation 4 Open Beta 
  • August 14-16: Xbox One Pre-Order Beta
    • Marvel Avengers Xbox One pre-order players only
  • August 21-23: Open Beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Marvel’s Avengers costs $60 USD for the full game, although the open beta should be free for console players. Ironically enough, the game appears to be available on Steam but not on the Epic Games store.

via Epic Games

We don’t know what these HARM challenges entail and if they have any relation to Fortnite. We’ll update this post when the beta begins and we learn more about the challenges and rewards.

For now, you should make sure that your Epic Games account is attached to your PlayStation or Microsoft account. Then, you’ll need to visit the Square Enix website, create an account, and link it with Epic Games.

PC players and those who don’t want to participate in the Avengers beta will still have access to this unique pickaxe through the in-game store, although you’ll likely have to wait until the beta ends. Let’s get smashing!


Fortnite Corrupted Legends pack leaked: Price, release date



Corrupted Legends pack

New details about the upcoming Fortnite pack, Corrupted Legends, has leaked online. Here’s everything you need to know about the unreleased pack, which includes some awesome looking skins.

The Corrupted Legends pack was leaked following the v14.10 update, and it’s already the third pack coming to the game in Season 4, following the Street Serpent and Samurai Scrapper bundles.

And that’s not all, as there are a number of other packs that have been leaked/revealed, that have still not made it into the game, including the Shadow Legends and Last Laugh Bundle.

Corrupted Legends Fortnite Bundle

A unique bundle of skins, you will be able to change the look of these outfits with different styles depending on the ‘level’ of corruption:

What is your chaotic alignment? How will you balance the scales? This pack’s cosmetics come with a slider that allows you to tune how corrupted your outfit is!

The pack includes:

  • Corrupted Arachne outfit
  • Corrupted Long Legs Back Bling
  • Corrupted Insight outfit
  • Corrupted Sight Sling Back Bling
  • Corrupted Shogun outfit
  • Corrupted Bladed Wings back bling

It looks like, by default, the skins will be this basic color:

But, with full corruption, these skins look even better:

Corrupted Legends price

We don’t know the exact price of this bundle yet, but given this includes three skins, plus three back blings, it could be as much as $24.99, based on previous bundles.

An in-game render from @MattTheo shows how it will appear when available – but with no price currently available.

Corrupted Legends release date

Unfortunately, we don’t know the release date for this bundle yet. Although it was leaked in the 14.20 update, it might not necessarily release this season. An October release date is possible, perhaps with Shadow Legends and Corrupted Legends coming out close together.

We know that in November, the Last Laugh bundle will release, so whether Epic Games releases two in the same month remains to be seen.

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The Last Laugh Bundle brings Joker to Fortnite: Release date & Price



The Last Laugh bundle in Fortnite

Warner Bros., DC and Epic Games are teaming up for another epic collaboration, this time with The Last Laugh Bundle, which includes skins for the Joker, Poison Ivy and Midas Rex.

We’re used to seeing leakers get their hands on the newest bundles first, but this bundle has been announced well ahead of time, as it won’t actually be available until Novermber 17.

There was actually lots of speculation about a Joker skin coming last year, to tie in with the movie starring Joaquin Pheonix, but now we’re finally getting one in Fortnite.

Here’s how the bundle looks:

The Last Laugh Bundle for Fortnite

What’s in the Bundle?

  • 1000 V-Bucks
  • The Joker, Poison Ivy and Midas Rex skins
  • 3 Backblings (Laugh Riot, Back Bloom and Midas Crest)
  • 4 Pickaxes (Bad Joke, The Joker’s Revenge, Ivy Axe, Kingmaker)
  • 1 Contrail (Pick a Card)

The Last Laugh Bundle release date

The bundle will release on November 17 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. It will also release on PS5 and Xbox Series X, when the game is available on the next-gen consoles.

Of course, mobile users are having a hard time playing Fortnite at all currently, for unrelated reasons.

The Last Laugh Bundle price

To get the Joker, Poison Ivy, Midas Rex, 1000 V-Bucks and all the extras, the bundle will cost $29.99 / £24.99.

This will complete the collection of other DC skins in Fortnite, which include Batman and Harley Quinn.

The Midas Rex skin doesn’t appear to be a reference to any particular DC hero or villian though, so it’s unclear how this plays into it. Midas, as a character, has been hugely influential to the narrative/story running throughout Fortnite’s season’s though. At least we know he’ll be around in some capacity in November.

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Party Royale

How to earn the free Afterparty wrap by watching Diplo in Fortnite

Earn the Fortnite Afterparty wrap by watching Diplo’s final in-game performance on the Party Royale main stage.



Epic are dishing-out the free Fortnite cosmetics through their Party Royale game mode, starting with the Verve emote that’s available now. You can take a look at how to get your hands on this free emote here.

The Fortnite team didn’t stop there, however. They’re celebrating the end of Diplo’s Party Royale residency by featuring him one last time in Diplo Presents: Higher Ground. On the Fortnite website, they describe it as, a deep house musical show featuring trance-inducing, sophisticated beats.”

The show takes place on Friday, July 31 at 2 pm EST. It will last for 30 minutes and will be viewable on the Party Royale main stage. This is also how you can earn yourself a free Afterparty wrap to go along with the numerous new skins coming to the game.

The new Party Animal outfits will hit the Item Shop in time for the event, as well, including the Envision skin. These should be available when the Shop resets at 8 pm EST on July 30.

To attend the concert, all you need to do is log into Fortnite Battle Royale, navigate to the Party Royale game mode, ready up, and follow the signs to the main stage. We’ll see you there!

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