Epic is offering two free Fortnite skins for the holiday season. Here’s how you can get the Lt. Evergreen skin.

Fortnite Winterfest 2019 represents the first time Epic has offered us free skins in Fortnite. We have some exclusive skins for certain platforms and partners, but nothing with no strings attached.


We are reportedly getting two skins this year: the Whooly Mammoth skin and Lt. Evergreen. The latter will be available first, and the former is likely coming in the present that tells us to save it for last.

Those who are eager to get their hands on Lt. Evergreen will be happy to learn that it’s available on some platforms. Console players have been able to grab the skin by searching the tree in Crackshot’s Lodge.

The skin is encrypted on PC but isn’t on console at the time of writing. Many console players have been able to obtain the skin this way, as you can see from the clip above.

This doesn’t work all of the time, however. I was able to search the tree – but nothing happened. The good news is that Epic will likely offer all players this skin today or tomorrow to celebrate Christmas.

What’s your favorite Winterfest cosmetic so far? Let us know in the comments.

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