Buying Fortnite cosmetics can be an exciting process, but getting free goodies is all the more exciting!

Season X has undoubtedly begun with a rough patch due to a wide variety issues. Bugs are plaguing the game once more as each patch seems to come out just a little too early for comfort. The BRUTEs continue their rampage and players are waiting for Epic to correct their perceived mistakes.

However, many things with the tenth season are also going well. One key aspect is Epic’s dedication to ensuring quality cosmetics and customer service. In a surprise move, they’ve even brought a free Spray for all players!

How to unlock the ‘Stay Smooth’ Fortnite Spray

On August 9, Middle Eastern players finally received servers of their own. These have drastically lower pings in the region and Epic will now run separate tourneys in the ongoing Champion Series for the Middle East.

Middle Eastern servers!

While it doesn’t directly affect those that play from the EU, NA, or other zones, it’s still a cause for celebration. Hundreds of thousands of players just received their first taste of low ping Fortnite. Imagine the rush of going from 150+ ping to under 40…must have been a beautiful moment indeed.

Epic Games have decided that they should commemorate this with a free cosmetic item. Players who login starting August 21 will receive the new animated ‘Stay Smooth’ Spray.

Stay Smooth Spray

When you login to Fortnite on any device, you should receive a message telling you of the Spray. Don’t panic if you don’t. We’ve seen issues with these pop-ups before and it doesn’t mean you won’t get the item. Check in your Locker and the Spray should be there.

If for some reason you haven’t received the Spray, we suggest contacting Epic’s support staff as soon as possible to rectify the problem. Delivery of free goodies can sometimes take a while and a simple re-login could do the trick.

Congrats to the Middle East region for their new servers and we hope they’ll put them to good use in casual & competitive games. We have a feeling that the next Fortnite World Cup will be an even better show of competition and endurance with the addition of the region.