You can get the free Fortnite Wooly Warrior skin now as long as you’ve followed these steps.

Fortnite Winterfest 2019 represents the first time that Epic has ever given us free Fortnite skins. Sure, they’ve offered some exclusive skins for a select portion of the community, but nothing that everyone could obtain for free.


This season, we were treated to two skins: Lt. Evergreen and Wooly Warrior. Lt. Evergreen was made available on Christmas Eve, but players might not know that they were able to grab the Wooly Warrior as early as the 28.

Epic Games

The large green box in the back was marked “Save for last” whenever you tried to open it. Most people correctly assumed that the package held the Wooly Warrior. They also thought that this message meant you couldn’t open it until the last day of Winterfest, but that wasn’t the case.

All this meant was that you couldn’t open the present before you finished opening all other presents in the pile on the left. If you saved all of the presents to the right of Crackshot, then you would have been able to grab Wooly Warrior on the 28th.

Epic Games

Let’s hope you saw how brutal the Millennium Falcon glider was and saved it for last. If you opened all of the presents on the right, then you’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

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