‘Camping’ is a long time tradition of shooters, but the passive playstyle can really get annoying in Fortnite when an opponent start ‘Turtling’ in 1×1. LX Bumpaah explains how to counter this efficiently.

If you don’t know what the term ‘turtling’ means, we’ll briefly explain. Turtling refers to the combat (or lack there of) practice of locking yourself into a 1×1 during fights in Fortnite. The size of the box can be larger than a 1×1, of course.

You see it all the time when players are trying get a better placement, but do not want to directly engage opponents. It’s a core feature of Fortnite and commonly used by most competitive players to try and squeeze a few more points from a bad situation.

Turtling can be extremely frustrating for aggressive players that simply want to gunfight to their wins. So, how do you get these passive players out from their turtle power bunkers?

‘Bumpaah’ on the Fortnite Competitive Reddit created a three and half minute video going over some of the key ways to take on a turtling opponent.

How to pressure someone turtling and some general tips for taking walls from r/FortniteCompetitive

You should watch the entirety of the video once you get the change, but we’ll do a brief summary as less.

Bumpaah argument boils down to pressuring the opponent from multiple points of contact. Don’t just attack a single wall of the 1×1, rather try to take out two or three walls at around the same time.

This will give you a bigger window to replace their walls/roof as they scramble to replace two at the same time.

In addition, the person on the inside of a turtle is more than likely already weak as you forced them to build after cracking their shields. You are at the advantage, remember that and don’t panic.

The best weapons and most common weapons to use are the Pickaxe (very common we hear) and the Suppressed Submachine Gun.

As Bumpaah explains, the SMG has a shorter reload time than the time it takes to pop Mini-Shields. This means you can constantly apply pressure by shooting directly at the target and they can’t heal. This forces them to play with little or no shields.

If the opponent tries to build upwards after you replace a wall, you should attempt to block their sightline. You can do this by building a wall on the side they built their inside ramp to face.

By practicing these manuevers, you can get better at rooting out pesky players from turtle positions. You can also think about other people using these strategies against you if you are forced to turtle yourself.

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  1. In other news. water is wet.

    Every decent player knows better. Unless you’re a beginner no one is gonna spam smg up close at the wall. Disappointing video.


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