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How to don the disguise and strike 3 resonant crystals at The Spire

The Fortnite Spire challenges for Season 6 will have you searching for a disguise and resonant crystals at The Spire.



Fortnite Spire Assassin

The next stage in the Fortnite Season 6 Spire quests requires players to don the disguise and strike 3 resonant crystals at The Spire. Here’s how.

The Fortnite Season 6 Spire challenges aren’t a part of the normal weekly challenge schedule, but still offer players a ton of XP for reward. If you don’t already know, these challenges require you to interact with some of the Season 6 characters and complete missions for them over the course of the season.

One of the challenges requires you to don a disguise and strike three resonant crystals at The Spire. Here’s what you need to do.

The crystals are relatively easy to find. They give off an audio cue when you get close to them. First, however, you need to find the disguise, which is located in the southwestern corner of The Spire.

If you take damage, the disguise will go away, meaning you’ll need to clear the area before attempting this challenge. As always, Team Rumble is probably your best bet for reliably completing this challenge.

Here’s a video from YouTuber, HarryNinetyFour, that will give you all of the crystal locations at The Spire. Again, the toughest part is finding the disguise, which is also included in the video.

Of course, you’ll need to have complete all of the other Spire challenges before you unlock this one. You can find guides to all of those below:


All Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 weekly challenges & how to complete them

Here is a list of all of the Fortnite Season 7 weekly challenges and how to complete them. This list is updated on a weekly basis.



fortnite season 7 weekly challenges

Fortnite Season 7 has been out of this world, and so have the weekly challenges. Here are all of the Fortnite Season 7 weekly challenges.

Season 7 was off to a wild start with the Zero Point being abducted, UFOs invading POIs, and players having access to an arsenal of high-tech weaponry. The season has continued to evolve week after week with new weapons, vehicles, and gameplay elements being added.

However, one thing has remained constant: weekly challenges. That’s right, weekly challenges have returned this season and are easily the best way to earn large amounts of XP. Unlike Legendary challenges, weekly challenges only expire at the end of the season. This guide will compile all of the Season 7 weekly challenges for players to easily access as the season continues.

fortnite season 7 promo

When do new weekly challenges release?

For Fortnite Season 7, weekly challenges release every Thursday at 10 AM EST | 7 AM PT | 3 PM BST. The weekly Legendary challenges release at the same time on Tuesdays. However, players only have 7 days to complete Legendary challenges before they expire.

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Each week, 7 new Season 7 weekly challenges release, and each one is worth 30k XP. Completing a week’s worth of challenges will reward players with a whopping 210k experience points. This makes leveling up incredibly fast. Here are all of the weekly challenges released so far.

Week 1 Challenges

Week 2 Challenges

Week 3 Challenges

  • Dance near a lit cmapfire x 1
  • Catch fish at fishing spots x 5
  • Destroy boats x 3
  • Finish in the top 10 x 1
  • Travel between Porta-Potties x 1
  • Glide 20 emters while holding a chicken
  • Use Nuts and Bolts x 3

Week 4 Challenges

Week 5 Challenges

  • Destroy computer equipment at satellite stations or Corny Complex x 3
  • Damage IO Guards x 250
  • Eliminate Tresspassers x 2
  • Deal Damage with IO or Alien weapons x 500
  • Loot supply drops x 2
  • Damage a saucer with a pilot inside x 800
  • Ope an IO chest at a satellite station or Corny Complex x 1

Week 6 Challenges

Week 7 Challenges

  • Use the Recon Scanned to spot an enemy player x 1
  • Visit Misty Meadows, Catty Corner, and Camp Cod in a single match
  • Search ammo boxes x 5
  • Defeat Riot
  • Reach top speed in a Ferrari 296 GTB
  • Drive Ferrari 296 GTB tgrough the Storm
  • Complete Ferrari 296 GTB Time Trial

Week 8 Challenges

  • Use Shield Potions in a single match x 4
  • Collect building resources x 750
  • Visit Coral Cove, Base Camp, and Unremarkable Shack
  • Build Structures x 25
  • Complete Bounties from Bounty Boards x 3
  • Ignite enemy players or enemy player structures x 15
  • Emote in front of a camera at Believer Beach or Lazy Lake
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All Fortnite Cosmic Summer challenges and rewards

The Fortnite Cosmic Summer challenges offer a lot of free rewards. Hop into the events Creative Island and start unlocking cosmetics.



fortnite summer believer beach

Fortnite’s annual Summer celebration is back, and it’s offering a ton of free rewards. Here are all of the Fortnite Cosmic Summer challenges and rewards.

The Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration was advertised as a welcoming party for the aliens. The same aliens that stole the Zero Point and are now abducting players. However, there are still some inhabitants on The Island who believe the aliens are good.

Regardless, players can participate in the summer festivities to earn free rewards. Similar to Fortnite’s Winter events, new challenges will unlock daily for players to complete. The Summer event is meant to last for two weeks, so Epic Games is stretching out the quests to last just as long. Players will want to complete these challenges to unlock some pretty sweet rewards.

fortnite summer 2021 skins

Fortnite Cosmic Summer challenges & rewards

Below is a list that contains every Cosmic Summer challenge and the reward players earn by completing it. These challenges can’t be completed by playing normal game modes. Instead, players will have to visit a Creative Island by using the code 4059-2791-0712. There are 17 challenges in total.

  • Complete Cosmic Summer Quests x 2
    • Believer Beach Loading Screen
  • Complete Cosmic Summer Quests x 6
    • Icy Pop Wrap
  • Complete Cosmic Summer Quests x 12
    • Lil’ Treat Traversal Emote
  • Deal damage to players in Bios Zone Wars Trio x 1000
    • Brain Freeze (Slurpberry) Back Bling
  • Get Headshot Eliminations in Bios Zone Wars Trios x 10
    • No Reward
  • Gain health or apply shield in Bios Zone Wars Trio x 500
    • Firecracker Freefall Contrail
  • Assist teammates with eliminations in Bios Zone Wars Trio x 50
    • Cloud Llama Board (Cloud Coral Board) Glider
  • Spend coins to buy items at the vending machine in Pro 100 x10
    • Brain Freeze (Slimeberry) Back Bling
  • Deal damage to players with a rocket launcher in Pro 100 x 1000
    • Bach Blast Lobby Track
  • Revive teammates in Pro 100 x 20
    • Cloud Llama Board (Cloudy Cat Board) Glider
  • Travel 5000 meters in X-4 Stormwings in Freaky Flights
    • Brain Freeze (Orangeberry) Back Bling
  • Spend coins to buy items at the vending machine in Freaky Flights x 50
    • KA-BANG! Wrap
  • Eliminate players while in an X-4 Stormwing in Freaky Flights x 25
    • Cloud Llama Board (Cloud Crew Board) Glider
  • Build structures in The Pitt x 500
    • Brain Freeze (Whirlberry) Back Bling
  • Destroy structures in The Pit x 500
    • Stellar Sipper Emoticon
  • Eliminate players with 5 different types of weapons in a single The Pit match
    • Mashmallets Harvesting Tool
  • Get headshots in The Pit x 50
    • Cloud Llama Board (Golden Wave) Glider
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Fortnite Season 6 Week 11 Epic Quest guide and cheat sheet

Fortnite Season 6 Week 11 is here which means a new wave of weekly challenges has arrived for players to complete.



fortnite season 6 week 11

Week 11 of Fortnite Season 6 is here meaning a new wave of weekly challenges is as well. Players will have to complete a hodge-podge of challenges to earn XP.

With each new week of a season, a new set of challenges releases. These challenges range in difficulty and in criteria and sometimes tell a small story. However, the Season 6 week 11 are all over the board with what they require of players.

Players will need to use healing items, spend their bars, and test different game modes to complete this set of challenges. Season 6 Week 11 also has players visiting locations that were once heavily populated with players and henchmen. This weeks challenges are pretty easy if the player knows where to look.

fortnite season 6 week 11 challenges

Fortnite Season 6 Week 10 challenges

There are seven Fortnite Season 6 Week 11 challenges that players can complete to earn a whopping 168k experience points. Since the season is coming to a close, players who haven’t yet reached level 100 will want to complete as many challenges as they can. Challenges are a great way for players to XP fast.

There aren’t many other weekly challenges are easy as Week 11’s which makes them a great way to reach level 100. First players will have to maintain full shield for a minute. Afterwards, they will need to use three bandages. As well, players will have to play three different game modes.

Another set of challenges requires players to visit the Deadfire NPC and spend some of their gold bars. Deadfire is located northwest of Lazy Lake. Then players will need to eliminate a single opponent from more than 25 meters away. Like many weekly challenges before, players are tasked with visiting the top of Mount Kay where they will need to place a crystal.

Finally, players will visit three Team GHOST and Team SHADOW ruins. These are the POIs introduced in Chapter 2 Season 2 but have since been removed. The three POIs players must visit are Catty Corner, The Grotto, and The Shark. After these places have been visited, the Season 6 Week 11 challenges will be completed.

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