Fortnite players have been destroying their opponents at Loot Lake by integrating the Flint-Knock Pistol to their arsenal for gravity-defying effects. 

Epic Games gave the community a chance to create insane plays with the pirate pistol once again after unvaulting the weapon in the October 2 v10.40.1 patch. Players have since found amazing ways to reintegrate the gun in their Fortnite strats now that it’s in the wild.


But the game has changed considerably since the last time players had the Flint-Knock Pistol in their hands, creating new opportunities to obliterate the competition – especially at Loot Lake.

The Flint pistol has long been used by players for its tricky knockback shot. Credit: Epic Games

In this clip, Reddit user ‘fivepcchkn’ shows how effective the Flint pistol can be when fired at Loot Lake – which has zero-gravity properties after the mysterious floating orb exploded in Season 10.

Players should already be familiar with the Flint’s knock-back shot that can be used as a helpful jump backward. However, using that effect at Loot Lake’s low-gravity zone can create unique opportunities for creating chaos and easily making an escape.

Coupled with a Pump Shotgun, fivepcchkn was a force to be reckoned with at Loot Lake – using the pistol to find better angles, get the beat on unsuspecting players, and rapidly changing position in a close engagement.

The flintknock is really fun to use at Loot Lake from r/FortNiteBR

On one shot, the player was able to shoot the ground with the pistol, sending them flying high up into the air. Shortly after, they switched to their shotgun to gracefully drop as they lined up a perfect shot to get a quick elimination.

Moments later, they found themselves floating down to the stage when they blasted someone with the Pump. Instead of landing on the ground to finish off the opponent, they pulled out the Flint to finish the kill, which sent them flying away to avoid a trade kill from a nearby opponent.

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Finally, fivepcchkn was getting pinched by two players while in their 1×1 build, so the player got a little crafty as soon as their walls got busted.

By shooting at one player with the Flint, they actually zoomed past the player from the opposite direction. That gave them a clean hit with their Pump Shotgun which instantly deleted one of the players. 

It seems there’s a lot of ways to trick opponents at Loot Lake using the Flint pistol if Fortnite players get a little creative with the weapon.

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