Developers have added the ability to swim in Fortnite Battle Royale with the release of Chapter 2, and there is a technique that can speed it up even further.

Prior to the launch of Chapter 2, most bodies of water on the Fortnite map were a huge nuisance, as players had to either walk slowly through them or expend materials


Now, thankfully, rivers, ponds and lakes have been transformed into very positive aspects of the map, as now players can simply swim through and across them at a decent speed.

It’s also become a viable tool for getting down from higher planes, as now players who jump into any body of water from any height simply submerge and take no damage to their health.

But perhaps the most interesting addition has been the dolphin diving mechanic, which allows players to gain a considerable boost while swimming.

The streaks of white lines around your player while dolphin diving indicate that you are successfully getting the speed boost (Techn & Design – YouTube)

In order to dolphin dive in Fortnite, you must be deep enough in water to be able to swim.

While swimming, all you have to do is press jump, which will cause your character to propel itself out of the water and dive back in like a dolphin (hence the name)

This process can be repeated continuously and in uninterrupted fashion if you simply keep clicking jump everytime your player lands back in the water.

The speed boost this provides isn’t imaginary or placebo, as every time you jump out of the water, wind marks appear on the screen to indicate that you are moving faster than usual.

You can see an in-game demonstration of this in the video below, courtesy of YouTuber ‘Tech & Design.’

Aside from being able to swim faster, this dolphin diving technique is also a good for effectively getting away from enemies and avoiding their gunfire.

It’s much harder to successfully land gunshots at someone who’s flipping in and out of the water constantly than if they’re simply swimming in a straight line.