Fortnite has a variety of options when it comes to combat – some fight, some take cover and build, and some… well… fly away. But how do you stop enemies following you using your trusty launch pad?

A Fortnite player by the name of Taylor Doherty has created a YouTube video which demonstrates to players how to strategically delete a launch pad while using it to not only get away from a firefight but also prevent enemies from using it to follow you.

This is useful in cases such as build battles close to the edge of the incoming storm, or even battles that are far away from the next circle.

It’s a very nice tactic – unless, of course, the enemy has a launch pad of their own, but by the time they get in the air they might not know where you went.

In the video, Doherty shows two staircase pieces built up to a flat piece with a launch pad on top.

In order to delete the launch pad right as you bounce off of it and pull out your glider, you must edit the second staircase piece.

When you edit the second staircase piece, you then select the top/bottom three rows in order to make it a half stair and therefore disconnecting the launch pad to the floor.

This ends up deleting the launch pad, which you would have already jumped off of by then.

What a nice little trick to stop enemies following you when you just don’t have the energy to fight anymore. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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