Each week of Fortnite presents players with all new challenges. Often times, these challenges require players to seek out specific locations on the Fortnite map.

In order to rapidly complete each week’s challenges, players must keep a perfect memory of the Fortnite map in their heads. Or they can use guides like this one to help them along.

We’ll look at the Week 2 challenge named ‘Visit an oversized Phone, a big Piano, and a giant Dancing Fish Trophy’ for this article. We’ll provide you with a map of all three locations along with little snippets to help you out.

Visit an oversized Phone

The oversized phones have been used by Epic Games before in Season 8 for challenge requirements. Back then, players had to ring a certain combination of numbers. This time things are much simpler as players only need to visit one of these phones.

There are two oversize phones located on the Fortnite map. One is located directly east of The Block and the other is on top of a sharp mountain to the west of Fatal Fields.

Here’s a map showing the exact position:

Oversized Phone Locations

Here’s a video of the southern Phone location:

Visit a big Piano

Unlike the oversized Phones, there is only one big Piano on the Fortnite map.

You want to head over towards Lonely Lodge and keep venturing towards the eastern edge of the map. The exact location of the Piano is right at the edge, southeast from Lonely Lodge.

Here’s a map that shows the location of the big Piano:

Location of the big Piano

Here’s a video of the Piano location:

Visit a Giant Dancing Fishing Trophy

Out of the three, this might be the strangest thing Epic has to show you for the week. You will the Trophy blasted into the roof of a building to the southwest of the Mega Mall.

Mega Mall is the location which has replaced Retail Row in Season 9.

Conveniently, the location is sitting directly next to the Slipstream loop which travels around a large portion of the map. You can jump into the Slipstream at Neo Tilted, Fatal Fields, or another location and gently take a ride to the spot.

Landing on the roof of the building marked on the map will unlock the challenges requirement and net you 3 Battle Stars!

Giant Dancing Fishing Trophy Location

Here’s a video of the Giant Dancing Fishing Trophy location: