The ninth week of Fortnite Season 9 Challenges has gone live! One of the Free Challenges requires players to locate and visit three solar arrays located around the map.

This challenge is rather easy, players must simply navigate to three specific points located within Fortnite’s Battle Royale map to complete the stage of the Challenge.

Upon locating the desired point, wait for the on-screen Challenge indicator to confirm that the Challenge has progressed. Repeat this process for each of the three stages.

  • Visit a solar array in the snow, desert, and the jungle – 5 Battle Stars


The Solar Array located in the Snowy biome can be found within Frosty Flights, just behind the red airplane hangars.

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The Solar Array located in the Desert biome can be found just outside of Paradise Palms, on a hill in front of the John Wick mansion.

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Lastly, the Solar Array located in the Jungle biome can be found just west of Sunny Steps.

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Unfortunately, this is a staged Challenge which means only a single stage can be completed per match. Because of this, it will take a minimum of three matches to complete this Challenge in full.

Remember not to leave the match once you have progressed the challenge, the player must die by a player or suicide for the progress to stick.

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