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How to complete the secret ‘No right to bear arms’ Fortnite challenge

Here’s how to complete the discoverable Fortnite challenge ‘No right to bear arms’



Epic have been adding a few secret challenges with each Fortnite update, giving players the opportunity to earn some extra XP. It’s going to take a lot of XP to get all of the gold skins, so they’re certainly worth completing.

This week, Fortnite has enabled the ‘No right to bear arms’ challenge. This quest requires you to visit the Gnomes vs. Bears battlefield and take their guns away from them.

You can fight the fight outside of Weeping Woods, which has been the hub for these challenges for the majority of the conflict. The battlefield is outside the trees in the northeast corner of the POI.

Once you locate the area, all you’ll have to do is take the weapons out of the hands of each faction. You’ll receive 15,000 free XP, just like that.

Here’s a video from u/CinemaOfGaming on Reddit that shows you the exact location of the battle. It’s as easy as loading into a game of Team Rumble and heading to this location.

According to Fortnite leaks, there will be several more of these challenges coming before the season ends. We’ll keep an eye out for them and let you know how to complete all of them. 15,000 XP isn’t a ton, but it adds up.


Fortnite ‘Storm the Agency’ challenge guide

Here’s how to complete the Fortnite Storm the Agency challenges.



Following the Fortnite v12.61 update, Epic released a new list of challenges called, “Storm the Agency.” as the name suggests, you’ll be required to complete tasks in and around the Agency and similar POIs.

These challenges appear to be replacing the Overtime Challenges that typically cap-off each season. Here’s what you’ll have to do:

  • Land at The Agency (0/1)
  • Survive Storm Circles (0/10)
  • Open a faction locked chest at different Spy Bases (0/3)
  • Swim over hatches at The Agency (0/5)
  • Eliminate a Henchman at different Safe Houses (0/3)
Via: @iFireMonkey

“Spy Bases” refer to the POIs that were added in Season 2: The Rig, The Shark, The Yacht, and The Grotto. Simply, put on a disguise and open one at each location.

The Safe Houses are the unnamed locations surrounding the map. You’ll find them to the East of Craggy Cliffs, the east of Frenzy Farm, in Pleasant Park, north of Misty Meadows, and northeast of Holly Hedges.

The rest of these challenges are straightforward. Most of you have already seen the hatches surrounding The Agency, which will, reportedly, open up when the event begins on Saturday.

The rewards for these challenges are decent but will offer the best chance to grab the golden Agent Peely skin before the Season ends. If you’re not already close, however, it might be a long shot.

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Fortnite player breaks down the full story of the Bears vs. Gnomes

Want to get up to speed in the Bears vs. Gnomes feud? Take a look at this full recap.



While Midas works on his rumored Doomsday Device, a sub-plot has been brewing that involves some of the inanimate objects of the island. The Teddy Bears and Gnomes have been at it for weeks – stealing honey, imprisoning one another, and escalating their feud to an armed conflict outside of Weeping Woods.

Players who have known about this battle have been intervening for some free XP. These challenges weren’t listed but offered rewards nonetheless. You can take a look at how to complete all of the Bears vs. Gnomes challenges here.

We haven’t thought about the storyline of this fight very much. We’ve, simply, been offering challenge guides and moving on – as many other players have. One player, however, took the time to spell out exactly what’s been going on with the Bears and the Gnomes.

Via: u/juances19

According to Reddit user u/juances19, the Gnomes were the ones who started it. They stole pots of honey from the Bears – which we, eventually, returned to them.

We wouldn’t have known where to look if the Bears hadn’t kidnapped and interrogated one of the Gnomes, however. Unfortunately, this prompted a surveillance operation from the Gnomes.

Via: u/juances19

As you can see, we’ve been playing both sides. We helped the Gnomes set up their telescopes so they could spy on the Bears, eventually leading to a hostile takeover and the imprisonment of the former group.

We came back and freed the Bears from their prison cell, but that only made matters worse. The Bears and the Gnomes were set to battle one another on the hill overlooking Weeping Woods.

This time, we decided enough was enough. We stepped in and took the weapons away from both factions. With no more firepower, both groups were forced to come to an agreement and form a truce.

Via: u/juances19

Things could end there – but don’t be so sure. These factions have had some bad blood for a long time. Another theory is that they could be teaming up to take on the players in Season 3.

Either that or Epic just wanted to give us a small way to earn some extra XP. Now know the entire plot of the Bears vs. Gnomes in Fortnite Season 2.

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How to complete the secret finale of the Bears vs. Gnomes quests

Find out how to finish the finale of the secret Gnomes vs. Bears Fortnite quest line.



While we await the rumored season-ending Doomsday event that we expect to close-out Season 2, a sub-plot has been brewing under the surface. The bears and gnomes of the island have been going at it for weeks.

For those who don’t know, there have been secret quests that reward players with 15,000 XP apiece. We’ve been intervening in the ongoing war between the bears and the gnomes which has, seemingly, come to an end.

If you haven’t completed them already, you can take a look at the guides for the previous challenges below. They require you to point telescopes, search for honey, free the imprisoned bears, and stop the armed conflict.

The assumed final stage of the challenge is available today and will, reportedly, be live until the end of Season 2. All you have to do is celebrate the truce by dancing next to the bears and gnomes.

You can find the groups playing a game with one another to the east of Weeping Woods. They’re located at the edge of the treeline. Here’s a closer look from data miner @iFireMonkey.

Via: iFireMonkey

We saw some additional strings related to this questline in leaks from past patches, but this appears to be the last stage of the challenge.

With the golden Agent Peely requiring you to reach level 350, every little bit of XP counts. It’s a simple challenge, so it’s certainly worth completing. As always, we’ll keep you posted with any updates to this secret plotline.

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