The eighth week of Fortnite Season 8 Challenges has gone live! One of the Free Challenges requires players to locate and follow a Treasure Map located in Paradise Palms.

This challenge is rather easy, players must simply navigate to a specific point located within Fortnite’s Paradise Palms, then navigate to another specific point which is indicated on the Treasure Map.

Upon locating the desired point, simply navigate activate the Treasure Map or Battle Star until the on-screen Challenge indicator actives and shows that progress has increased.

Paradise Palms

The Treasure Map Signpost can be found in Paradise Palms, in an alley near the Keyboard King computer cafe. It is located on a wooden post against the brick wall, very easy to find.

via @FNMasterCom

Frosty Flights

The Treasure Map found in Paradise Palms points to the runway in Frosty Flights. The player must simply be within range of the marked point for a Battle Star to appear which can be acquired.

via @FNMasterCom

Here is a high-quality image of the Treasure Map itself, thanks to @FNMasterCom.

While both points of this Challenge do not need to be completed in a single match, we recommend landing at Paradise Palms to easily complete the first stage, and if the circle permits it- going to Frosty Flights to complete the second stage.

Remember not to leave the match once you have progressed the challenge, the player must die by a player or suicide for the progress to stick.

What are your thoughts on the Fortnite Season 8 Week 8 Challenges? Easy? Difficult?

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