Fortnite Battle Royale’s week 5 challenge set, Catastrophic, officially unlocked on August 29. Here’s how to quickly complete the first challenge.

Every Fortnite patch includes new in-game files for data miners to sort through. Sometimes leakers find information on upcoming weapons, items, challenges, and more headed our way.


The most recent v10.20 patch included the addition of the new Pandora Rift Zone, which is used to mark the Fortnite x Mayhem limited-time crossover event between Borderlands and Fortnite.

Included in the files was information on Fortnite Battle Royale’s week 5 challenge set, Catastrophic. On August 29, the first challenge became available for the set.

Where can I pickaxe opponents?

In order to complete the first challenge, players will need to deal 100 damage with pickaxes to opponents.

This challenge is rather easy to complete and will only take five well-placed pickaxe swings. Each pickaxe swing that connects with an enemy will deal 20 damage.

One of the best ways to complete this challenge is to land within a popular POI like Tilted or the new Pandora Rift Zone and charge players by smacking them with your pickaxe.

Once players deal 100 damage and complete their Battle Royale match, they will be awarded with 10 Battle Stars.

While the rest of the Catastrophic limited-time challenge set has not unlocked, we will be sure to update you when they become available!

Let us know in the comments below if you prefer limited-time challenge sets or weekly missions like previous Fortnite Battle Royale seasons?