Everyday, Epic Games releases a new Fortbyte for players to unlock. The newest one is another location based challenge and we’ve got a guide to help you find the collectible.

At least one Fortbyte is released each day by Epic. By the end of the season, all 100 Fortbytes will be available for players to unlock.

Each Fortbyte offers a challenge of some kind and many are similar to the Hidden Battle Stars of weekly challenges. These Fortbytes send players searching in specific places by giving a small clue like “Found at Fatal Fields’ or “Unlocked near a pirate camp.”

Fortbyte #82 Location

Fortbyte #82 has been unlocked by Epic Games and the challenge will have players travelling to ‘Northwest of the Block.’

Once there, players will need to solve a pressure plate puzzle in order to unlock the Fortbyte for pickup. This can be easier said than done, but we’ve got a map of the specific location along with a video showing the entire puzzle process.

This’ll help you unlock the Fortbyte and get you back to playing regular old Fortnite.

Fortbyte #82 location

The above map shows the location of the Fortbyte, denoted by the red circle due northwest of the Block.

On to the the puzzle then. In order to pick up the Fortbyte, you will need to complete the puzzle at this location.

The pressure plate puzzle requires four players to complete. Three players must step on the pressure plates as the forth player picks up the Fortbyte. You then repeat this until all four of you have the Fortbyte.

Here’s a video from @iScernario showing the puzzle being completed.

Once you complete this challenge, the Fortbyte image in the Fortbyte challenge menu will unlock for slot 82.

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