The Fortnite X Jumpman event is still running strong and will continue to do so for several more days. One of the newer challenges for game mode tasks players with finding two hidden shortcuts.

The Downtown Drop gamemode which continues to run as part of the Fortnite X Jumpman event is all about speeds and momentum. The faster you are, the better you will do.

Shortcuts will ensure that you finish faster and can also net you extra coins in the process. In fact, one of the challenges will have looking for two of these shortcuts in order to complete it.

Downtown Drop Shortcuts

Shortcuts allows the player to take the advantage over opponents. These are hidden from initial view and can be difficult spot with the high speeds of the Downtown Drop gamemode.

The shortcuts aren’t too difficult to find once you understand how to find them. There are many around the map, but you can find easiest by looking for the tell-tale coins. Almost all of these shortcuts have coins around them.

Each shortcut takes the forms of a hole or sloping stairway on the map. Here are a few examples of what we mean:

Downtown Drop Shortcuts

For pinpoint positions of each shortcut, check out this great video from YouTuber Victrail. The video shows each location in a compact and well cut manner.

Once you’ve completed the challenge you will unlock the exclusive ‘Drift’ paint job for your Skateboard Back Bling.

Each challenge in the Downtown Drop game mode earns you a unique item Style (or Spray). Completing any 13 challenges will net you an additional Style for your Skateboard.

The game mode’s a lot of fun and we recommend checking it out before it goes away!