Need help with the ‘Dance on top of a crown of RV’s’ multi-stage challenge? We have you covered!

The release of Season 7 means a number of new challenges and tasks that players can complete.

We have a guide for all of the locations below.

Stage 1: Dance on top of a crown of RV’s

While the challenge name might be somewhat confusing, the ‘crown’ of RV’s can be located in the desert biome of the map, south of Paradise Palms.


We recommend landing at the crown of RV’s rather than building up to the location. Once there, all you need to do is emote in the middle of all the RV’s.

Stage 2: Dance on top of a Metal Turtle

Head over to Lonely Lodge on the eastern portion of map and find the giant turtle build.

Like the previous stage, all you need to do is emote on top of the structure to complete the task.


Stage 3: Dance on top of a Submarine

The new snow biome in the southwestern portion of the map is the location for the final stage of this challenge.

You can view the submarine hanging out the side of an ice-burg, rather than in the water.


In order for the challenges to register, you must either die, or secure the Victory Royale. Do not leave the game early.

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