Fortnite Season 7 Week 9 Challenges are live! This week requires players to complete dance on three specific objects located around the map.

Dancing atop specific objects is a classic Fortnite Challenge which aims to take players out of their comfort zone and make them aware of the fine details in the Fortnite map.

The Challenge is rather simple, as the description says, simply place your character on top of the object without breaking it, then preform any emote to complete the stage.


A sundial can be found southeast of Paradise Palms on a small mountain. The cars and logs atop said mountain form a sundial when viewed from above.

via FortniteInsider


Oversized Cup of Coffee

An oversized cup of coffee can be on the sign found at Dusty Diner, just outside of the Dusty Divot point of interest.

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Giant Metal Dog Head

The Giant Metal Dog Head can be found at Junk Junction, formed by the Boneyard signage at the entrance.

via FortniteInsder

The following map shows all 3 locations from an aerial point of view. Due to the spacing between each object players will likely have to complete the Challenge over a span of multiple games.

It’s recommended that players land at an object toward the outside (Junk Junction or Paradise Palms) to start their game then work inward toward the Dusty Divot object.

Keep in mind that the player must die in order for the Challenge to track. Simply progressing the Challenge then leaving the game will not count.

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