One of Fortnite Season 8 Week 10’s challenges tasks players to shoot themselves through large flaming hoops around the map, and we have a guide to help you complete it!

Fortnite Battle Royale has had an underlying theme of pirates and chasing treasure, so it only makes sense that Epic will send players flying through the air via pirate cannon.

There are three different locations where players can find flaming hoops – Salty Springs, the Volcano, and Lazy Lagoon.

X marks the spot for flaming hoops!

We recommend that players complete this challenge while in Team Rumble LTM in order to deal with less enemies.

Salty Springs Flaming Hoop

IMG: DigitalTrends

Players should land at the Pirate camp to the south west of Salty Springs.

Once players hop into the cannon, the flaming hoop will be directly north.

Players who are launching toward the hoop should aim their reticle slightly upwards, in order to compensate for distance.

Volcano Flaming Hoop

IMG: DigitalTrends

The second hoop can be located near the volcano at the northern side of the map.

Once you land at the pirate camp, head to the top of the stairs and locate a cannon pointing north.

There is a flaming hoop near the trail, which is the one players will want to aim for.

Remember to aim higher since this hoop is pretty far.

Lazy Lagoon Flaming Hoop

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The third and final flaming hoop can be located near Lazy Lagoon, on the western edge of the lagoon.

Once players hop into the pirate camp, they should look for the flaming hoop near 125 south east.

This hoop is certainly the farthest, so you will have to aim well above the hoop like in the picture above.

Once players complete all three hoops, they will complete the challenge and earn experience towards their battle pass with five battle stars!

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