Week 8 challenges has been released and there’s a few tricky ones in the mix this time around. We’ve got a little help for you, so you can easily earn that fresh Ruin Discovery skin.

The new challenges for Fortnite always release on Thursdays and this week brought a few challenges that could use a short guide. We’ve got you covered with simple breakdowns of the challenges and completion locations.

You are going to want to complete as many of the weekly challenges as possible to unlock the Ruin Discovery skin and its own unique challenges. You will need 65 challenges completed in all.

Where to find Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

The new Week 8 challenge having to do with puzzle pieces involves traveling to bridges and caves. Some of these can be extremely far spread out, but others provide a much easier completion.

While you could try and remember where to find 7 bridge or caves, you could always use our handy map. We’ve included every location that contains a puzzle pieces, but you will only be required to travel to seven.

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece locations – base map via Epic Games

Best Route for Quick Challenge Completion

Unless you are spontaneously starting this challenge in the middle of a match, we suggest you plan out a route.

The northwestern ‘Umbrella’ cave is too far from other jigsaw pieces and the ones in the jungle are also a ways off.

We highly recommend landing in Paradise Palms or at the nearby southern desert town ‘Adobe Abode’. From there, you can begin your journey to challenge completion in a single match.

Head to the nearby desert bridge and work your way towards the northwest. Stop at the cave before Fatal Fields to pick up a few pieces and then head directly north. You might or might not have time to veer back east for the broken bridge puzzle piece.

Depending on where the storm is heading, you will want to head either to the remaining pieces nearby Salty Springs or to the jungle. You may be bullied from a one match completion by the storm. Don’t worry, this challenges can be completed in one match or a hundred.

You can find a full list of the week 8 challenges along with the other guides in our hub article for the Week 8 Challenges.

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