Challenge creation is an art form and Epic’s been doing a great job with providing quality in the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer event. The latest challenge requires players to obtain Water Balloons and pelt them at other players.

14 Days of Summer, as you know, features a lot of new content and daily challenges are a part of the package. You can find more information about the earlier challenges towards the bottom of this article.


Anyway, onto the newest task. July 1st’s Fortnite summer challenge keeps things simply with a pseudo-elimination/damage objective. You’ll see what we mean in a second.

Hit a player with a water balloon Fortnite challenge

Well, as far as challenges go, this one’s nothing special and won’t stretch your gaming skills to their maximum. Nonetheless, it’s a fun and fast activity to play around with for the day.

Water Balloons are unlocked by completing the Day 3 challenge which involves getting kills with the daily unvaulted weapon or Drum Gun. Nothing major, but if you’ve yet to unlock the item, please do so before continuing with our guide.

Now, equip the Water Balloon toy into your quick use slot. You can hop into any game mode of your choosing, but Team Rumble is the easiest/fastest as par usual.

We’re a little surprised at the lack of detail in the challenge description. Many of these lines include something like ‘Skull Trooper Emoji‘ or ‘Vega Outfit‘, but it’s missing from today’s. Confusion about how to obtain the balloons is sure to spread quickly, so be sure to help out others if they are struggling to understand the challenge.

Throw the toy at any friendly or enemy player to get credit towards completion. Do so three times and victory is yours. Easy as cake!

Also, for those visual learners, we’ve got a video showing the Water Balloon toy in action. For this video, the wooden wall will act as a player. This is totally due to time constraints and not due to our inability to hit a player with the balloon.

That’s a nice satisfying ‘splat’ as the water balloon pops! Props to Epic’s sound team for hitting that one on the head. The gameplay was recorded on Xbox One X, if anybody was curious.

Completing the objective will unlock the Summertime Splashdown loading screen as a reward.

Summertime Splashdown loading screen reward

As we mentioned at the top, we’ve also created guides for the previous 14 Days of Summer challenges. You can also expect new guides to be released each and every day until the end of the event. Here’s a list of links for the challenges:

Well, we hope you’re enjoying the 14 Days event as much as we are! Perhaps, if we’re lucky, we’ll bump into one another as we complete our daily tasks. Check back again tomorrow for additional guides, news, and original content!