Fortnite players have uncovered a number of different ways to progress the Cozy Campfire challenge as it appears to be hugely bugged.

Completing challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale can be pretty easy – especially when you are handed the magical search ammo boxes or consume shields combination.

However, a brand new challenge under the Team Spirit collection – which requires you to heal teammates with a Cozy Campfire – is completing for some player with some pretty strange reasons. 

In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, user TheBrownYoshi pointed out that players can progress the challenge before they even start a game.

“Pro Tip: Thank the bus driver and, for some reason, it will give you progress on the Cozy Campfire challenge,” they titled their post – with proof of their own progress. “Pretty useful if you want to finish the challenges fast and easy.”

Pro Tip: Thank the bus driver and for some reason it will give you progress on the Cozy Campfire challenge, Pretty useful if you want to finish the challenges fast and easy from r/FortNiteBR

After other members of the subreddit chimed in with what they had done to get progress on the buggy challenge, TheBrownYoshi issued an update.

“Update: It turns out a lot of stuff can make this challenge trigger, From using chug splashes to dancing on spawn island, the ways to finish this challenge may end up different for some people, but sometimes it works,” they commented.

Some players, including pineappleguy8, noted that the challenge will sometimes even unlock without you even having to play a single match. “This challenge was done for me for no reason at all. Didn’t even have to heal for it,” they posted.

Another, ccartman2, added: “Wondered what was triggering mine. Easiest challenge ever. Even party assisted someone without doing anything. lol.”

Epic Games are active in the subreddit, as they regularly respond to bugs and other issues, but they haven’t – as of writing – picked up on this new problem.

Whether the challenge is taken away and fixed or kept in-game, in its current bugged state, remains to be seen – but at least you can try a number of different things bar placing down a campfire for a teammate to gain some much-needed progress.

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