Soon enough Fortnite players will be able to grind their way through a series of Meteoric Rise challenges in Season 10 and there’s a brand new Visitor skin up for grabs in the rewards.

This fresh Visitor Volta skin has been leaked ahead of schedule and the challenges came with it not long after, meaning that fans can prepare themselves for what they’ll need to do in order to get ahold of it.

In all honesty, the missions are fairly straight forward. There will be a total of seven different challenges available to check off and you will need to finish all seven to grab the new character outfit.

A full list of these leaked challenges, courtesy of Lucas7Yoshi, can be found below. It looks like you’re going to need to interact with a number of different Rift Zones all across the map – such as the new Moisty Palms one.

Image via FortniteMaster.

Full list of Fortnite Meteoric Rise challenges

  • Destroy structures with Junk Rifts (10)
  • Visit different Rift Zones in the same match (3)
  • Eliminate opponents in Rift Zones (7)
  • Search chests or ammo boxes in Rift Zones (20)
  • Land in a Rift Zone and place Top 10 in Solo, Duos, or Squads (1)
  • Consume Glitched Foraged items with different effects (4)
  • Touch a giant glowing cube, enter the Rift above Loot Lake, and search a landing pod within a meteor (3)

But, what will you get for completing each of these challenges? Let’s take a look at the rewards list. The new Visitor Volta skin is included.

Fortnite Meteoric Rise challenges rewards

  • Complete one challenge – 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete two challenges – 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete three challenges – 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete four challenges – Meteor Man Back Bling
  • Complete five challenges – 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete six challenges – 10 Battle Stars
  • Complete seven challenges – Visitor Volta skin

It’s unclear, as of the time of writing, when these challenges will be made available in-game but as soon as they are we’ll let you know.

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