Season 7 of Fortnite officially launched on Thursday, December 6, and came packed to the brim with brand new skins, items and vehicles for fans of the game to feast their eyes on.

One of those brand new skins is the Ice King, which is available to those who purchase this season’s Battle Pass, currently available for 950 V-Bucks.

If players want to get their hands on the awesome Ice King skin, they’re going to have to grind, as it is this season’s Tier 100 unlock, making it the last reward available during Season 7.

Just like previous Tier 100 skins, the Ice King comes with his own unique set of challenges, allowing players to unlock new versions of the skin, alongside new items and emotes, for completing the challenges after they’ve unlocked him.

While these challenges aren’t particularly, they will be time consuming, as players will need to outlive opponents to unlock each new challenge.

The Ice King Challenges

  1. Outlive 500 Opponents
  2. Outlive 1,000 Opponents
  3. Outlive 2,500 Opponents
  4. Outlive 7,500 Opponents
  5. Outlive 15,000 Opponents
  6. Outlive 25,000 Opponents

While the Ice King is the Tier 100 rewards, there are plenty of other skins available in the Battle Pass, and fans can officially add skins to their weapons now with the inclusion of wraps.

While it will take a long time to grind your way to Tier 100, Fortnite fans will be happy to hear that Season 7 has been extended due to the holidays, meaning that you’ll have more time to earn your rewards during this season.

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