The Fortnite Winterfest event is wrapping up and here’s how you can complete the Day 14 challenge which asks players to visit The Workshop, Crackshot’s Cabin, & Mr. Polar’s Artisanal Ice.

Throughout much of December, Epic Games have been handing out free gifts as part of the Winterfest event, so make sure you log in before it concludes.

To go along with these presents, there are a bunch of challenges for players to complete.

Day 14 is now live and players are being asked to visit The Workshop, Crackshot’s Cabin, and Mr. Polar’s Artisanal Ice.

To unlock this challenge, you’ll have to search the Holiday Stocking in the Cabin, but once you do that you’ll be all set.

Since these locations are not explicitly marked on the match, they can be a bit tricky to find. Luckily, we have that covered so look no further than our map below.

Fortnite Winterfest Day 14 challenge locations.

You do have to get these all done in one match so make sure you save yourself enough time to trek across the whole map.

With Chapter 2 having very little in the way of mobility, it’s tough to get all of this done in one match without running into other players.

Perhaps players you do run into will be kind and let you do it, but don’t be on that.

While you’re knocking out this challenge, you’ll want to check out the New Year’s event that plays every hour until every time zone in the world moves over to 2020.

It is the same event from last year with a 2020 skin, but it’s still something for players to keep an eye out for as they continue knocking out the Winterfest challenges.

The Winterfest event is set to wrap up in the coming days and players don’t know what big things the developers have in store for the new year.

Chapter 2’s first season’s end has been delayed into February so Epic will have to introduce something new and exciting for players to do in January so the game doesn’t grow too stale.

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