Week 6 of Season 8 hits Fortnite tomorrow and with it comes one of the most difficult weekly challenges of all time. Unless you know where to find just the right spots, that is.

The week 6 Season 8 challenges leaked last week as usual and one of the challenges revealed by the data mining involves elevation.

The challenges simply states that the player must “Visit the 5 highest locations on the island” in order to complete the challenge. Easy as pie, right? Not unless you know where you’re going.

While you could take the time to slowly check every single high up spot that you think might be one of the highest, you could just use our handy guide.

The way we derived these spots is a trade secret….Ok, we used the new ‘Floor is Lava’ LTM. The mode is now the easiest and fastest way to find the lowest and highest spots possible in Fortnite.

Even knowing the lowest spots can come in very handy, as you usually want to try and pull your glider as low as possible. We did an article on the five lowest spots around Tilted Towers if you are interested in hot dropping flawlessly.

Here’s our map for the five highest spots on the Fortnite map:

The highest locations in Fortnite

The highest locations can be found at these five locations. The Volcano is of course one of them due to its massive elevation, but the rest are all located on the west side of the island.

The four are actually located so closely together that the if you were so inclined, you could complete them all in one game. Especially if you are playing Team Rumble.

We recommend completing these challenges in the confines of the ‘Floor is Lava’ gamemode. Why? Because it’s a lot more fun that way. We did some testing with pseudo-completing (the challenge doesn’t truly arrive until tomorrow) and it’s lot of fun trying to scramble your way up top.

But, like we said before, Team Rumble will be the easiest way to complete the challenge if you are short on time or just want to bang out the challenge as quickly as possible.

We’ll also be putting guides on the some of the other challenges once they arrive tomorrow if we deem them difficult enough to warrant an article.

Thanks for reading and queue the Bob Ross outro music.

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  1. Floor is lava isn’t in the game anymore and I’m pretty sure Viking village is in this highest 5, but not sure 🤔


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