Every week there is a new set of challenges for players to complete, and this week involves players launching off of air vents in different games.

Each season of Fortnite Battle Royale lasts ten weeks and includes seven new challenges each week.

One of week 2’s challenges tasks players to launch off of five different air vents in different matches, and we have a map to help you find all the locations for vents in Fortnite.

Where are the Air Vents in Fortnite?

The second week of season 9 asks players to launch themselves via air vent in five different games.

Air vents can be located all around the map, typically in high places alongside buildings.

Here is a map to see all the locations for air vents in Fortnite:

The majority of air vents are found around the middle of the Fortnite map, specifically near Neo Tilted, Loot Lake, and Pleasant Park.

We completed this challenge by joining a Team Rumble LTM and immediately dropping towards an air vent.

Once we landed and used an air vent, we left the game and repeated the process.

It took us about 5 minutes to complete this challenge.

Once players use five air vents in different matches, they will be rewarded with in-game experience towards their season 9 battle pass.

If you need help completing any of the other week 2 challenges, be sure to check out our guides, like our walkthrough on how to complete ‘visit an oversized phone, a big piano, and a giant dancing fish trophy’.

Good luck and have fun!

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