Another week of challenges is upon us as the Season 8 Week 8 challenges are live for free and paid battle pass owners.

One of Fortnite’s paid Battle Pass challenges tasks players to dial the Durr Burger and Pizza Pit number on huge telephones across the map.

As long as you know where to go, these challenges can be completed rather quickly.

Where are the telephones on the map?

Two huge telephones were added into Fortnite on April 17 with update v8.40.

The first telephone players need to find for Durr Burger, and is located west of Fatal Fields right along the edge of the winter biome.

The last telephone is for the Pizza Pit, and is located directly east of The Block.

How do you dial the numbers?

In order to interact with the phones, players must either hit the number with their pickaxe or shoot it with a gun.

IMG: FortniteMaster

If a player enters the wrong number, a bold “error” tone will sound off, so fans will surely know if they correctly entered the number.

Once players correctly enter the right telephone number, they will gain progress towards the challenge once they hear a ringing noise confirming that the call went through.

What are the numbers?

The Durr Burger telephone number is 555-0152, which is located directly under the Durr Burger logo on the huge telephone.

The last number for the Pizza Pit is 555-0198, also displayed under the Pizza Pit logo, similar to the first.

Once players enter both numbers correctly on the right telephone, the challenge will be marked as complete and players will earn their in-game experience.

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