The fourth week of Season 8 kicked off on March 21 with a whole new set of challenges for Fortnite players to complete, including the “Search for Buried Treasure” task.

One of the challenges included in Week 4 of Season 8 tasks players to search around the Fortnite island to find two treasure maps that can locate players to buried treasure.

Treasure maps were added into Fortnite with Season 8.

In order to complete the challenge, players will need to find a Treasure map.

Once players locate a Treasure Map, it will lead them towards the location where the buried goodies are.

Most Treasure Maps are located around Pirate-themed locations, like Pirate Camp Outposts.

One of the best locations to find a Treasure Map is at Lazy Lagoon around the Pirate Ship.

Fortnite added Treasure Maps with update v8.01.

The location for the buried treasure that is located on the Treasure Map will be highlighted in yellow, so players will have an easy visual.

Buried Treasure is guaranteed to reward players with four Legendary items, which could aid players who have poor loot or are in a tough situation.

When players arrive at the buried treasure location, they will have to interact with the spot in order to retrieve the items and progress the challenge.

In order to open the Treasure Chest, players will have to equip their pickaxe and hit the big “X” mark.

Once players locate and open two buried Treasure Chests, they will complete the task and be rewarded with in-game experience and battle pass experience.

If you are having trouble finishing all of the challenges for Week 4 of Season 8, check out our cheat sheet!

What has been your favorite addition to Fortnite in Season 8?

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