The Bouncy Ball challenge for Week 5 can be a little difficult unless you understand an effective way to complete the challenge. We’ve got a few tips to help you out.

The Bouncy Ball challenge has one key difference from that other challenges for almost any other week. You will have to reach rank 26 on the current Season 8 Battle Pass to attempt this challenge.

This is fairly acceptable as if you have finished the challenges of the previous weeks, you will already be rank 26. If not, get to grinding those levels and come back to this guide once your done.

Once you’ve unlocked the ball, equip it into one of your quick use slots.

Bouncy Ball of Fortnite Season 8

The Bouncy Ball definitely lives up to its name, but you won’t get 15 bounces in a row without a strategy. Simply throwing it onto the ground will not do without some elevation.

First, build a high ramp somewhere remote as you will likely be shot down if you are careful.

Second, put a flat platform at the top and drop the ball off the side. This should make sure that the ball has enough momentum to bounce 15 times minimum.

Another strategy for this challenge is to lock yourself into a small 1×1 space, preferably one with some additional objects like counters, desks, or chairs.

Then let the ball loose inside the small area and with some luck, the thing will go wild bouncing of every single surface in the place for well over the required 15.

The game keeps track of the bounces by displaying them in your killfeed.

We hope this short guide has provide you with some help for this potentially annoying challenge. You can check out other challenge guides from our Week 5 challenges hub.

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