Each week’s challenges have some type of kill objective or elimination requirements, but this week’s can be a little tricky to pinpoint. We’re here to help you out.

Every Thursday, Fortnite releases more challenges for players to complete by the end of the season. Keeping up with these challenges is key to completing the Battle Pass and staying on track.

The one we’ll focus on is the “Eliminate (3) opponents at Pirate Camps” challenge. Nothing overly difficult about the elimination part as you can try and try again as much as you please until the end of the season.

Week 5 offers a plethora of differing objectives for players, but we’ll one in specific in this guide.

The tricky part is knowing where the Pirate Camps are located. This isn’t like previous elimination challenges like “Eliminate opponents at Paradise Palms” because Pirate Camps aren’t marked on the map. You cannot just simply look at the map and glide down to a named location.

But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a map which shows the locations of each of the seven pirate camps with in the map. The map was created for a separate challenge earlier in the season, but it works just as well now.

Pirate Camp Locations in Season 8

We hope this map will get you to your Pirate Camp of choice quickly so you can focus on eliminating opponents rather than navigating blindly to camp locations.

Once you land, all you need to do is get a kill within the confines of the camp. The ‘hitbox’ for the completion is quite large around the camps, so feel free to run a little outside the camp if needed to snatch up kills.

If you are struggling with other challenges, check out our challenges page for guides on how to find/complete some of the trickier challenges.

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