The so-called ‘Mini Shield delay’ has made its way back into Fortnite following a recent patch.

While many assume that it is some sort of bug or glitch, the issue has not always been prevalent in the game, however, seems to have been added at some point in October.

Instead of being able to take two Mini Shields in rapid succession, a small pause causes a player to lose crucial seconds which could make the difference between life or death in a high-intensity situation.

Luckily, Reddit user ‘jmzofficial’ showed a simple way of being able to avoid the¬†delay by lightly walking backward once the first Small Shield is almost finished.

You can view the full post below.

Best way to avoid Mini Shield delay consistently. from r/FortniteCompetitive

At the time of writing, it is still unknown if the delay was intentionally added by Epic Games, or if it is merely a glitch.

While players can also bypass the delay by switching weapons and quickly returning to the Mini Shield, jmzofficial¬†believes that the ‘walking-back’ method’ may be quicker.

The V6.21 update in Fortnite is set to release on Thursday, November 1, which may address the issue. We’ll continue to provide updates on this story as they are made available.

Source: Dexerto | Reddit

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