A perfectly placed Damage Trap from an enemy player can often be a great deterrent to finishing a kill.

With practice and quick timing, however, avoiding a Damage Trap can be done successfully no matter where it is placed.

YouTuber and Reddit user ImSpeedyGonzalez has released another informative Fortnite video which provides an in-depth look at how to avoid Traps from all angles.

Wall Traps, typically the most common Trap placed by Fortnite players, can be avoided by quickly going to the other side of the 1×1, which leaves just enough room to not get hit.

If you are quick enough, placing a staircase will block a variety of Traps. Although, if you or a teammate happen to ‘phase’ through the staircase, the Trap will still be activated.

Placing a door can also prevent a Trap from doing damage if it is opened before running into the area in question, which will ‘trick’ it into not going off.

The full video can be viewed below, which includes counters to Traps on the floor and ceiling via ImSpeedyGonzalez.

SOURCE: ImSpeedyGonzalez

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